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Chicago, IL 2007 

The client asked KQA to join her for a pre-purchase viewing of the single-family house that had been gut rehabbed in 2001 but needed further renovations. The exterior had an outdated facade of vertical metal panels and the circulation in the home was awkward. KQA removed the metal panels and gave the home a new look by adding horizontal walnut siding in order to provide a contrast to the otherwise vertical structure. The front door was originally centered in the middle, where upon entry, the living room was split in half. By relocating the door to the side of the front entrance nook, a foyer area was created, which thus allowed a more elegant arrival sequence. From the living room into the kitchen, a narrow 3' bridge existed where on one side was the main staircase and on the other was a light well to the lower level. KQA widened the bridge to connect the front and back of the house which resulted in a more open plan and a spacious entry into the kitchen. Throughout the home, the number of materials used were limited to create a unified and cohesive design. 

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Suburban residence


The remodeling project included an addition of a screen porch along with the extension of a wing in the main house. The garage was also remodeled - windows were added and siding replaced - in order to visually compliment the house. 

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Lincoln park townhome

Chicago, IL