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Beach House

New Buffalo, MI 1998

The depression-era vacation home received extensive exterior and interior remodeling, along with additions to expand the living space. The additions didn't drastically change the size of the house, rather, the spaces were redesigned to create more room. The front and back door entries were redesigned to include two mudrooms, providing extra storage areas and a shower in the back of the house for the children. The new setup maximized the home's space, but also limited the amount of sand and water tracked inside. The kitchen was completely renovated and an exterior wall was bumped out for a breakfast nook. The guest room was converted into a family room with a new screen porch, which provided extra living space and panoramic views of Lake Michigan. The original low gables of the vacation home created awkward ceiling heights in the bedrooms so new dormers were constructed to prevent the residents from bumping their heads. A spacious sitting room with access to a new roof deck was also included on the second floor of the home.

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MCHUGH Front Facade Before.JPG
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Long grove residence

Long Grove, IL 2014