Can you say contemporary

Home Style, October 2011


What was desired was something new, contemporary, clean - and this home delivers inside and out...

Spare_Quality_CS_Interiors_Fall_2011 cover.jpg

Spare Quality

CS Interiors, Fall 2011


The journey up to Danny Rosenthal and Emmy Kondo's Gold Coast apartment is as formal as the traditional, wood-paneled lobby interior suggests. But when the creaky brass elevator gate opens directly into their thoroughly modern foyer six stories later, it's an old-meets-new, high-contrast hint of what's to come...

Making_it_Work cover.jpg

Making it work

Chicago Home & Garden, April 2011


"What a difference a door makes" could very well be architect Kathryn Quinn's renovation mantra. "So often I walk into a place and say, 'If I just moved that door, it would rock," she says. And in the case of this Wicker Park reno, her strategy worked wonders...

Urbane_Legends cover.jpg

Urbane Legend

Chicago Social, March 2010


The renovation miracle Chicago architect Kathryn Quinn performed on this 1959 Lake Forest ranch should be explanation enough for her contented smile. She preserved the house's American Modern cool while bringing its floor plan into the new millennium...