Lighten Up cover!.jpg

Lighten UP! Before& after

Costal Living, June 2008


Lynn and Barrett Murphy thought they had the perfect waterfront escape. Just steps from Lake Michigan, the house had the right amount of space for their family and guests. But this Depression-era vacation cottage's look and style was, well, depressing. Rather than fostering relaxing family fun, the drab exterior, design flaws, and water-damaged rooms dulled the glamour of the home's lakeside locale. Finally, after 12 years of dealing with the house's problems, the Murphys reluctantly considered tearing it down...

Main Street Make Over cover.jpg

Main street make over

Midwest HOME, April/May 2008


Tim and Sue Reardon have always welcomed change into their lives. So when the opportunity arose in 2005 for the owners of SoTish, a La Grange decorative arts and home accessories store and cafe, to buy the building in which they leased commercial space, they jumped at the chance...

Time Traveler cover.jpg

time traveler

Chicago Tribune Magazine, June 24, 2007


When she first walked in during the summer of 2002, it was like stepping back in time. Not because of the age of the building, a late 19th century brick structure that had been "modernized" by stripping period moldings, details and charm. 

It was more her vision of what it could be, a reverie conjuring romantic images of late Art Nouveau and early Art Deco styles, the kinds of interiors that might have graced a fin-de-siecle Paris cafe...

Instant Attraction cover.jpg

Instant attraction

Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine, April 2, 2006


Sometimes the home you weren't looking for is the one that captures your imagination and leaves you spellbound. That's what happened to one Chicagoan who had already purchased a perfectly beautiful apartment in one of the Gold Coast's most elegant vintage co-ops... 

Jeweled Tones cover.jpg

jeweled tones

TRENDS, Bathroom Edition, November 2005


Materials and colors can provide linking motifs between otherwise disparate styles. For example, Art Deco offered a clean-lined, modernist contrast to the ornate Art Nouveau movement that preceded it. Marrying the two styles in one environment might seem tricking, but with linking themes of lustrous color and rich materials, the two can merge seamlessly...